How to write one E-book per day?

I will introduce how to write one E-book per day.

In this way, you can write one E-book per day.

I used ChatGPT as a my assistant.

Look at this.

I told to ChatGPT: I want to write e-book. Recommend me popular topics.

And I got an answer.

It’s amazing. I chose 4th topic. Then I told that: I like 4th topic. Give me some title in 4th topic.

I like 3rd title. So I told that: I like 3rd title, Give me table of contents about it.

What a great assistent, isn’t it? Let’s write the contents. I told that: Write the article of ‘Importance of Communication in Relationships’ and ‘How Effective Communication Enhances Relationship Quality’

How’s it? ChatGPT made writing so easy.

You can be a e-book writer if you want.

The key is ChatGPT.

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