Elevating Life Energy: A New Perspective on Vitality

In the realm of personal energy, the common misconception is that we need to accumulate life energy. However, this notion is challenged by a deeper understanding of energy dynamics. Life energy is not about hoarding but allowing it to flow freely through us.

The human body cannot store ‘free energy’ – it only accumulates physiological energy, measurable in calories. This energy is replenished through proper nutrition and rest. The key to high life energy lies in the width of our energy channels. A wider channel allows more energy to flow from the universe into us.

Each particle in the universe contains infinite free energy, accessible to us. To harness this energy, one must learn to feel a part of the universe, continuously striving to feel the interconnectedness with the surrounding world.

Many believe that accumulating energy leads to strength and success. However, this approach merely prepares us to exert internal intentions onto the world. Forceful attempts to change or conquer the world using power are often strenuous and ineffective, leading to significant energy drain.

External intention, in contrast, does not fight or change the world; it merely selects from it. There’s no need to accumulate energy for external intention; energy is abundant everywhere. Attempting to store energy is like holding water in your mouth while swimming in a lake. Instead, allow energy to pass freely through your body in opposite directions.

Visualize yourself as a drop in the ocean, part of the vast universe. Do not hoard energy; instead, become one with the universe. Remember, you are a separate particle, but also part of the universal energy sphere. This mindset enables one to achieve goals effortlessly, using minimal external intention.

Narrow energy channels, often caused by toxins and chronic stress, restrict free energy flow. Over time, these channels contract further. The key to maintaining wide energy channels lies in stimulating your intentions and, consequently, the channels themselves. However, after reaching a goal, the intensity of intention often wanes, leading to a narrowed energy channel and a lack of vitality.

Fortunately, this can be easily addressed. There’s no need to forcefully elevate intentions to their peak. Regular energy exercises, focusing on the central channel and the subtle energy body (such as the ethereal body), are highly beneficial. Staying in this state brings harmony and balance with the surrounding world.

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